Exhibition "three generations"
My mother, father, me and my doughter in Stockholm
2018 Bistro Bromma 10/11-1/12 

My name is Nina Langmann Hagman and I was born in Sweden, Stockholm and grow up near a beautiful lake. The landscape, the nature and the light and the early interest of angels and the spiritual view of the world has influenced my life and art. On daily bases I work with children at school and I love to inspire the artistic skills and make a possibility to bloom. As an artist I prefer to paint in oil and express my inner pictures of angels and mythological creatures.

2012 Stockholm, Galleri Hagström
2013 Stockholm, Galleri Hagström
2014 Stockholm, Galleri Hagström
2014 Stockholm, Galleri Svea
2014 Sweden, Bistro Bromma
2015 Stockholm, Galleri Hagström
2015 Sweden, The Nut House 
2015 Stockholm, Galleri Svea
2016 Sweden, Överjärva Gård 9-16/7
2016 Bulgarien, Sofia, UBA, 1-15/9 
2017 Sweden, Bistro Bromma 4-25/5
2018 Dieselverkstaden, fo-ko art 25/4
2018 Bistro Bromma 10/11-1/12

guardian angel,  oil 100cmx100cm
 The Angel of trust, oil 100cmx150cm

In front of an Angel oil 100cm x 70cm

moving, dancing angel
oil 120cmx80cm
T "Angelcloud oil, 150cmx100cm

Guardian Angels" paintings that watching over me and my family at home. I think that every home and institute need a guardian angel painting to protect, calm and bring peace to the life we live here on earth. The paintings remind us that we are sorunded by angels, but we sometimes forget that they want to help us.  Earthangels are those people we meet during our lifes that are importend for our development and our directions. I like to paint those "people" i have met like angels in different variations during my life.
 You can see my parents, 
Eivor Langmann and Fritz Langmann, paintings here on my home pages to. We have had exhibitions together and we inspire each other and paint together. 

The guardian angel, oil 90cmx115cm 

Angels move
moving on, oil, 115cmx90cm 
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